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Learn about our Branding, Digital and Advertising services.


There’s one thing you should probably know about us right off the bat: When we’re in, we’re all in. We’ve got one foot firmly planted in effectiveness, while the other soaks in the mysterious waters of imagination, balancing beauty with sound logic. Our services are designed to maximize our ability to identify, ideate and illuminate solutions in a way you haven’t experienced before.

To do your brand or marketing justice, we remain curious, hungry and ever-expectant of great things. When we work together, you’ll experience an open and engaged process, a fluid and adaptable attitude and creative reasoning that reverberates to the core.




What makes a brand a brand at all?

The undeniable presence of belief. The gravity of unbridled character. The magnetic pull of things seen and unseen. The ability to make the familiar unfamiliar and alluring. And, vice versa, time and time again. Brands are living, breathing beings. They’re not just the face of our companies, they’re the all-encompassing soul.



Our full branding process begins with an in-depth, strategic understanding of your organization, its historical success, unique position and the really juicy part: Its unrealized potential. Next, working with you in an open and collaborative approach, we carve the path forward through a creative positioning exercise. Finally, we’re ready to develop your brand platform and its many nuanced components. But, the end of our branding process is just the beginning. Now, you must live, share and leverage your new brand wholeheartedly. That’s where our Digital Experience and Advertising services come in.


Sometimes, our clients don’t just need a full brand platform for their endeavour, they need an entirely fresh foundation. Whether you’re going through a company merger, pursuing unfamiliar waters, expanding geographic territory and reach, or launching a new enterprise, our team has demonstrated success in company naming. When you work with us, we pour all we’ve got into shaping the right position, then we amplify your new name with differentiated brand language, tone and graphic style.


Depending on where you are in your brand/business cycle, sometimes, all that’s needed to boost your relevance is a little creative sprucing. Our team will help you maximize your investment in Identity Work to move the dial. When focusing on identity, we look at your outward-facing graphics, whether that’s your logo, past ads, collateral and/or other marketing pieces, and make adjustments to align with modern graphic design principles and best practices.



Digital Experience

Invigorate your online interactions.

No matter your business, in today's digitally dialed-in world, your clients are always a scroll away. What’s the first thing you do when a friend recommends you the best avocado toast in town, or you’re shopping around for some fresh kicks? That’s a no-brainer, you Google it, read every review and probably tumble down the Reddit rabbit hole faster than you can say Alice.



Your company website or app is your first impression – and, you only get one shot at that. It’s your pixelated foot in the door. What does it say about your business? Luckily we’re here to revamp your digital image, aligning it with your brand and business goals. Our process is structured yet fluid, ensuring you get a primo address or intuitive app, every time.


Each social channel is a unique ecosystem where your brand either thrives or slowly dies. You’re probably wondering what determining factors seal this fate? At the highest level, it’s all about understanding nuances, nurturing what’s working while constantly evolving your efforts to try new things. Social media is basically one big experiment and the rules are never static. It’s the wacky and wonderful place where the world’s best brands share centre stage with dogs doing yoga and elephants painting masterpieces, two of the zillion reasons we love it.


Let’s face it: Getting around to updating the company blog is that one to-do dangling hauntingly at the bottom of your list for weeks. Yes, we know you know how vital it is for your website’s ranking, as Google’s thirst for fresh content is perpetually unquenched. But, did you know with a strategic and creative content calendar, your blog can streamline content creation across all your digital platforms and transform your potential clients’ perceptions?




Get recognized with a robust campaign.

Noteworthy advertising isn’t about being the loudest. You can beat a drum all darn day, but if the rhythm of the music doesn’t connect, it’s just noise. So, how do you harmonize your advertising efforts to reap a melody of meaning, ROI and recognition? That’s where our award-winning team comes in.



Whether you’re ready to rock with a prescribed marketing plan, or you’re looking for help with that too, we at Haste Post Haste love a good billboard-sized brain teaser. Omni-channel campaigns bridge the traditional and digital worlds and require customized yet cohesive creative to maximize each medium. From key strategic messages and conceptualization through to copywriting, design and production, we’ll bring decades of expertise to your next advertising campaign.


Being buddy-buddy with Top Draw has its perks – copious amounts of caffeine and candy around our shared office to name a few. Their team has been in the online marketing game for 25 years. Yes, tweeenty fiiive. That’s pretty much since the dawn of digital time. So, when we work together on Digital Campaigns for our clients, amazing things happen. Whether we’re leveraging SEO tools, paid or organic approaches, social media or all of the above, clear objectives and stellar creative are essential components.


Traditional advertising needn’t be entirely conventional. Haste Post Haste lives to challenge that “same-old, same-old” way of thinking. Rather than letting the medium dictate the message, we encourage the message to play off the medium. Print ads, billboards, radio spots and videos are all blank canvases that can be beautifully calibrated to maximize resonance. Our creatives have crafted numerous successful provincial and national campaigns over the span of their careers. You can rest assured knowing you’re in able hands.